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Sat, Feb. 12th, 2011, 06:41 pm
I <3 Dubstep music

I've been soaking in Dubstep for the last 2 weeks or so... I really like it.

This specific style of music appears fairly structured... I was thinking perhaps I could make a Dubstep generator.
I could have a database of samples, beats, instruments, functions, modulations etc... I'm sure there are many details for me to learn...
Ultimately it would kewl to have the generator create a track... then I thumb it up or down like Pandora and it "learns" what ingredients/combos that I like in a song over time... so that it will start generating Dubstep songs with a high acceptance rate.

I guess long term I'd like to extend this to other genres of music...but at first I'm going to restrict it to one that doesn't have much in the way of lyrics... and one that I really like.

Ultimately this project is exciting because it might be able to answer empirically the question I could never honestly answer even to myself:
What's your favorite music?

I expect there are already projects doing something similar... I need to look into it a bit.