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Thu, Jan. 27th, 2011, 06:02 pm
I don't know anything!

I had this mid-conscious goal of writing a little something everyday just to spark or rekindle the creative writing portion of my brain... unfortunately I also have the high-conscious need for it not to completely suck. I think maybe one of these guidelines have to go out the window... at least at first until I can find my creative voice again. How epic-fail sad?!

Also the mini-me sized fonts in the LJ editor are emasculating... I feel like everything I say is in a fucking whisper... I don't want to whisper... I WANT TO HEAR MYSELF TALK! 
...oh wait... I can change to Rich text and fudge with the font size... now I have no one to blame but myself for my feelings of inadequacy.  This will not do!  If forced to admit that I'm the source of my own problems I may actually have to come to some harsh realities, make some real decisions, and perhaps even... perhaps even attempt to make changes in my behavior... NO!!!!

I think a much better option is to continue acting in the same way that I have been... but expect different results.... be like Curly..."I'm just a victim of circumstance!"

"I guess he just rolled a one."
'...but he rolled two dice'
"yeah he really crit-failed that roll"