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Tue, Jun. 4th, 2013, 01:45 pm
Baby's First Prison... or Let's be Breakout Kings!

I'm a slave(actually the PC term is indentured servant or employee) and being a slave makes me sad so I'm always on the lookout for an exit.

This has led me to seeking employment at various institutions... where I initially enjoy a honeymoon period where I am excited to learn new skills, interact with new people, and prove my ability to excel and perform at my new position.  However after a while usually after achieving goals that lead to significant revenue for my employer I realize... whoops I'm in a similar prison...

Q: Why do I keep "RONIN-RONIN-RONIN C'mon!?" (I like that Limp Bizkit song... or Fred Durst whatevs)
Translation: Why do I keep opting in for Indentured Servitude?

A: I need money.  Money will allow me to purchase goods and services to meet my basic needs without which I would perish.

So on a basic level I'm actually a slave to my needs... or I must meet the demands of my needs under the pain of death.  So if I can meet my basic needs independently then I can be freeish.

Before I explore that option too deeply I should consider if there are any other ways in which my thoughts or actions are restricted/imprisoned... if I'm going to be truly free I will need to address those issues as well.

Here is my list thus far... please feel free (hah) to let me know of any more you have identified.

Physical Needs
"No matter where I hide or stroll... hungry robbers demand their toll!" -Lazador
Eat or Die... I think most people get this one... but they don't see the downstream implications.
These basic physical needs... lead to fear of not being able to meet them... which lead to people being vulnerable to manipulations that prey upon either the fear or the need.
Fear is the anathema of rational thought so beware any arguments that begin with fear-mongering.

Be especially aware of fear in your own arguments or rationale.  You conclusions may still be valid, but it is a worthy exercise to review your reasoning and remove the fear factor.  This may be difficult and it may be helpful to theoretically pretend that the fear is non-valid and do a thought experiment with that new premise.  This may lead to some surprising insights.

...I know, I know... in the American workforce... "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Psychological Needs (for rational thought)
If my mind is not free then I am not free.  Generally while at work I find myself thinking about work related items and unfortunately work thoughts pollute my "non-working" hours as well.  I typically find that when my body is exhausted my mind is also... so I find that being employed  severely limits the amount of time that I have available for quality/deep "rational thought."  You know that stuff you need to make "good" decisions.

Fear clouds rational thought... and rational thought and understanding can dissipate fear.   We need to work on understanding the universe and ourselves and in doing so make live less fearful.  Its a virtuous circle or a vicious cycle depending on the direction we tread.

There are two major factors in making good decisions.  Information and Analysis
Rational thought is required to do analysis... and we talked about that above.
"Good" Information is also a key component in making "good" decisions.
Also if multiple parties are competing and one party has better or more complete information than the others then they have an advantage... and many times they may have a completely dominate situation.
Clearly information has value or corporations would not spend so much money to legitimize and enforce Intellectual property laws

...to much to say...look up IP arguments,

The goal should be improve the quality of everyone's life... not the profit margins of our "best" corporations.
Use the worst off person in society as a measure of success.

I'm definitely opposed to IP.  I'm thinking that the concept of "private property" in general may be part of the underlying problem.  Its a very me-centric way of thinking that doesn't scale massively very well.
I think the American Indians got burned by this one.

I think this is a major one... dont believe me... look up Big Data, Data Science, and AI.
We are now able to create computers that can out think our greatest single minds... who owns and controls these uber minds?  Whomever does will have a dominating advantage and competition will be history.(for better or worse)

I think that that all individuals should have the rights to access "the best" information that we have as a society... because if they do not then they cannot compete with those that do basically making them slaves to information overlords or ignorance at least.

Seriously... people and corporations already own all the available land in the world... including farmland and now the very seeds that could be used to grow food... so new humans have to play ball with the existing system OR STARVE!  The only way around that was... the thought that you could work hard and invent something new to make your own way to financial independence... but if corporations can camp out basic ideas FOREVER then even if you logically come to the same conclusions via your own efforts you are not allowed to use those ideas... even to continue onward to more complex ideas.  Basically... this is our last frontier... knowledge... and it should be for everyone.. because we iterate and grow technology according to Moors Law but only if American Law allows it... and being open is best way to achieve growth.  Err on the side of more open.

Intellectual property laws should be illegal... as they stifle innovation and are mainly used to impede competitors and society in general.

Corporations as they currently exist are mainly constructs designed to hide information/money and limit liability to the people that are profiting from the corporations existence.
I think the limits on liability are probably helpful... but the hiding of information and full accountability should be criminal.
We should redefine corporations in general.  Private corporations should have higher liabilities.
Public corporations should be completely open and transparent... down to the penny.
There should be a government database of all registered public companies on which you may see everyone that works there and their compensation packages in detail.

Corporations need to be explicitly excluded from many rights they currently enjoy/exploit.

The very structure of our language confines and influences our thinking.
Don't believe me... do some internet research... if you can(more on that later)
One minor example would be 3rd person English pronouns... there is not a way to simply refer to a sentient individual without referring to or implying gender.  In theory either (he or she) may be used... but attempt to  use either in this capacity and you will see it fail.  Also we have no gender neutral honorific equivalent to Mr. or Ms... this implies we only respect you if your gender is on the table/known. (Dont get me started on Mrs.!)

I'd recommend learning a few languages... but ultimately I'd recommend that we work together to analyze existing languages identify the best parts of them and attempt to synthesize a newer language that is more thought open... and be prepared to iterate this as we learn more.

They say that those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
They also say Monkey See Monkey Do.
They are both talking about the dangers of learning.

This section may not be too distinct from the society, laws, and information sections... but I'm brainstorming so cut me some slack... actually just cut everyone enough slack for all time.  We can all use some slack.

Actually... I'm going to assume this is subset of information and move on for now... no you cant have your slack back.

Laws confine our actions... and some even claim to factor in our intentions... which I think is difficult to measure currently and therefore a bad idea for laws... currently.

I think all laws should be challenges regularly and systematically and discarded when obsolete.

Laws are ultimately an overhead that society and individuals have to bear.

How can an individual be sure they are in full compliance with the law?
Hint: They currently cannot... at least not without considerable expense... and any expense ultimately impacts the ability to meet basic needs in our current society.
Also there is a good chance that you are currently out of compliance with many laws... and as cops and judges are wont to say... "ignorance of the law is no excuse!"  In my opinion there is no excuse for ignorant laws to persist... and it should be simple for members of society to remain in compliance with the law... in fact general laws should probably be taught in grade school.

The bad result of our current law system is that most people exist in a state of non-compliance with at least one of our laws... AKA being a criminal.  This means you and your grandma too.  Don't kid yourself.  Many of these laws are spurious and outdated... but people are still being incarcerated for them and charged with them.  Why?  Because there is a lot of money in the prison system... and the one way to justify the need for more prisons is to have a glut of prisoners.

As long as specialized training is required to understand laws I will consider this battle ongoing.

I think if society expects the individual to abide by a rule, that rule should be taught to the individual or made available to all individuals... freaking real time... and pre-real time. (proposed laws need to pre-"explained" in the same exact way so that the laymen can vote on these issues)

I'd recommend a government database web tool that uniquely identifies a person... and based on where you live it will compile a cascading list of all laws.... along with Q/A tests that you can fill out and update later to determine where you are in and out of compliance with the existing laws.
Also on this site is the anonymous sum of others and their levels of compliance.   This data would help us identify laws that should be removed  and help us comply and stay in compliance with all laws.
Also.. you want to move to a new location... computing... here are the changes you will need to make to remain in compliance... those could be linked to good and services... to help you calculate and account for currently hidden costs/boons of various laws and locations.

AKA other people judging you and all up in yo bidness...
Running out of time/steam... other people influence you... and can hurt you... I'm willing to bet that in America that a common underlying fear... is fear of other people... trying to take mah shit... via competition... etc. I think our current society is too focused on violent solutions to problems.  I understand some of the reasons why... violence is an amazingly useful tool that can solve many problems.  I'd argue its not an optimal solution especially as population numbers rise.  I struggle with the thought of how can a society become a peaceful one in a community of aggressive societies without being destroyed?  A few billion prisoner's dilemma iterations later... I have come to the conclusion that the peace is insufficient to "combat" aggression... and I'm now toying with the hypothesis that a nurturing society is the answer.  A nurturing society would be willing to use violence but only as rarely needed... and would mostly lead by example and by nurturing themselves to levels that make other societies want to join... the goal would be one global nurturing government that is entirely opt in.

How to make sure our policies and society are nurturing?  TBD.

For now death is the final prison... and the greatest threat to all living beings.  We should focus on extending longevity and ultimately defeating most causes of death.
I believe life and death should be entirely opt in.  So don't waste breath on doomsday scenarios like... what if I live forever but in pain... yadda yadda... seriously? You think I want to solve death but let the living suffer?! C'mon Holmes you are better than that and with a little help from your friends deathproof.

I want to be free... as truly free as any sentient being can be... and I want this option available for all the rest of you sentient beings as well.

This got ranty... and I will need to flesh out and amend and rework many of these ideas.